Hey Ireland, the details for your Derp Con contest are live! You can see the information here!

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bands--ruined-my-life said:
To the anon, for the iTunes festival app from my experience last year they livestream performances and also show a recording if you had missed a performance :)


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Anonymous said:
and what do you think about uploading the list of the countries:-D (bc theres a yellow point where peru is supposed to be)

I have a list of the live contests here! And I did see that random yellow dot, but http://www.5sosderpcon.com/peru/ isn’t a real page :( Sorry! I don’t think Peru is included in the contest.

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Anonymous said:
How can I use the iTunes festival app? Like it will have livestream of their live show?

I have no idea, sorry! Someone told me we can livestream the show, but I haven’t ever used it before.

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Anonymous said:
Hiii :) Do you know of any people selling a good 1D/5sos Miami ticket? For a good price

I don’t, but if anyone is, like or comment on this post! :)

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Anonymous said:
Explain me why is the derpcon

It’s an event 5sos is throwing in LA! You can find out more about it here :)

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Link: http://youtu.be/VdcdnFBHxB8

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