Anonymous said:
nooooooo now i want panera mac & cheese >.<

go get some omg!! it’ll be so worth it

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Anonymous said:
whats so special about 5sos? they seem dull to me

I mean, there’s so much about them that’s special, but there’s so much about them that is so perfectly normal and so perfectly imperfect. They’re talented as hell and funny and fun and cute as shit and they make other people feel special. They look at the people who are speaking to them - really, really look at them. They’re so damn dedicated and hardworking and chill and they’d probably be really fun to get wasted with. They love their families and they love their fans and they love each other. They love the music they create.

I could seriously go on and on, but I’m not going to waste my time trying to convince you because you came here to get a reaction, and you seriously picked the wrong blog for that.

I am respectful of everyone’s opinion - you don’t have to like them, that’s okay with me. You’re the one missing out, you know? So, yeah. Have a great day!

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Anonymous said:
Could you link me to the video where calum forgets his lines.

He’s done it a bunch of times, but here’s one!

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Anonymous said:
Who is Luke Hemmings?

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went to panera 2day and i got free mac n cheese

eeeeee i got panera mac n cheese today too!! but i had to pay for it :(

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Anonymous said:
What about touring Middle Earth? Michael did say he was from there so is it possible?


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Watch our performances on youtube:

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Anonymous said:
where can i watch the thing tonight

It’s audio only. Details here!

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Anonymous said:
Where did the picture of calum with all the bears come from?

Their stylist tweeted it last night!

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Anonymous said:
Okay I don't know if it's just me but I'm on my iPad and I can't listen to the radio thing they're doing, I can't download the app "iheart radio" it's not letting me download it I've already upgraded like it said but nothing happened ? Is it going to be recorded ?

I’m sure someone will record it and upload it! I don’t know how the app works - I just listen to it on my computer :(

(I have heard if you’re not in the USA iheartradio won’t work, though!)

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